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Kannada Prasad

Kannada Prasad: Full Story: Kollywood – Whores:-
The ex-M.P. (Pudiya neethi katchi - A.C. Shanmugam) has been running many educational institutions as well in the name of a former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He financed many films and the heroines of Chinnathambi(Kushbu), Muthu(Meena), Choclate(Mumtaj), Fivestar(Kanika), Chembaruthi(Roja), Seenathana(Sheelam), Three Roses(Ramba) and the latest item girl of Pokkiri(Mumait khan) are the few, who have had illicit affair with him. These actresses have been caught in many ways by the Chennai Police before.
Clue Name
Vazve mayam's priya nadigai-- Sripriya
3 ezuthu poo nadigai-- Kushboo
plastic surgery actress-- ????(i cant find her name)
velinaatil padithu vantha nadigai--?????
Akka Thangai Nadigaigal---- Ambika,Radha
Kannazagi nadigai--- Meena
suga nadigai---- Suganya
Hee Nadigai--- Heera
meena raasi nadigai-- Manthra
thanga nadigai-- kanika
Selva nadigai---- ????(maybe sonia agarval)
deyva Nadigai----- Devayani
Mel Loga attakari Nadigai--- Ramba or urvasi
Azagu nadigai----- ?????
Slim nadigai---- Simran
shashasha nadigai---- Trisha
Ma Ka Sisters----- Nagma,Jothika
Punnagai nadigai --- sneha
Madhuri (karuvaachi)
Third list rekha (tamil)Deepti BhatnagarIshaa KoppikarJayasudhaKiran RathodMantraRakshitaRanjitha Silk SmithaHe said the list goes on.....He also mentioned that the most co-operative and regular among these are 3letter poo nadigai and deiva nadigai. He also said that his first attempt was priya nadigai.
for example MEERAJASMINE who used her skin to get good effect to solve her family dispute. She held skin discussion in Maldives some months ago with a top kerala powerhouse.
Actress Lakshmirai's pic found in broker's (telugu director niranjan, who got arrested along with actress selvi 2 days back) album. Also found the pics of telugu actresses padma shetty, rekha sri, jothi n sonia dutt.
Prasad mentions as ‘3 sha’ the number one heroine of Tamil and Telugu cinema as an ‘important property’ in his business. He also mentions the name of a senior most leader’s grand son as her permanent customer. The diary reveals her close links with a senior police officer who was involved in Chief Minister’s arrest.A top businessman of Ranganathan Street and an MLA from Chennai are also her regular customers. Some of the AIADMK leaders are also allegedly involved with her. Now the police have decided to conduct a complete interrogation with the actress and her beautiful mother. According to the police, they have already sent enquiry summons to the actress. Instead of co-operating in the enquiry, the actress has reportedly approached a very powerful man in the Government for her rescue. Sources say that she has promised the leader’s son that if he helps her this time, she will give her call sheets without any conditions for his debut film production.
Jasmine… the Kasturiman of Tamil and Malayalam film world is the other heroine having very close links with Kannada Prasad. According to the Police, Prasad arranged this actress for one of the joint commissioner of police, 2 years ago by playing the pimp. His name starts with the name of the fort in Chennai. Both of them co-habited like husband and wife till Kannada Prasad was caught by the police.
Actress ‘Neelampari’ was also closely associated with Prasad till her marriage. He arranged her for an important leader to manage his rivals. That leader is a very powerful person in the present government also. The police have found another important fact. Few years ago, many dubious finance companies had swindled the public money and run away from Chennai. The cases against those companies are still going on in various courts in the state. The true reason behind all these frauds is sex. Anubhav group chairman presented a costly caravan to ‘fish’ actress in 1996. The cost of the caravan was Rs.85 lakhs at that time. The other one is the Ramesh Cars Managing Director, who gave nearly 300 sovereigns of golden ornaments to the same actress. The person behind all these transactions was Kannada Prasad!
She is believed to be a top actress in Kollywood.Kannada Prasad mentioned her name in his personal diary as ‘a highly sought-after beauty for IT people’. – shreya
Here is Kannada Prasad’s statement as given to the Police:
‘I met the actress for the first time only after the release of her debut movie. But she is not the heroine of that film. Of course, another heroine of the movie was also in touch with me at that time. A top official from a Bangalore based software company (which is known as the number one company in the country) had sought the company of this particular actress. At that point of time she was not in a position to reject such a good opportunity. She accepted that offer immediately and gave her assent to one of my assistants, Kalimuthu. She was demanding a huge amount in return for her company, so my Bangalore customer gave her a few more lakhs for a one-night stand. I was bemused on seeing that customer’s craze for the actress. You believe it or not, she got more than 25 lakhs for that single night. According to her ,this was her best deal ever. It is not a joke to earn Rs.25 lakhs for a single day call sheet. She stayed with him in the royal suite of a 5- star hotel.
I called on her for a second time, when she was acting in another movie. When I saw her at the sets of one of her movies, during a lunch break, she acknowledged me and asked briskly, ‘Is there any other assignment for me?’ I told her about a particular VIP in my client circle.
Then she instructed me to arrange for a safe spot. This time she preferred a different place instead of a star hotel suite. Finally, I suggested her a farm house located near the Andhra border, which was regularly used by one of his colleagues for his vacational stay-out. She accepted accompanying the VIP for the same payment which she got earlier from the software person. I felt very happy about her keenness and honesty in her profession.
“She has managed to reach such a high position only because of her positive attitude”, Kannada Prasad said in his confession.
Q: You started as an ordinary 'broker'. How did you manage to make actresses fall into your trap?I started off as a regular broker. Soon I become quite popular in Kollywood circles. A business magnate from Saidapet (area in Chennai) got in touch with me and asked me if I could supply him actress Sripriya. That was the first time I was contacted by a bigwig. That was also the first time I was approached directly for a hotshot actress.I was clueless at the start. After a lot of effort I managed to get Sripriya's manager's telephone number. Tactfully, I conveyed the issue to him. At the start the manager got pissed off but cooled down after some time when he heard the name of the bigwig who had propositioned. He said he would ask Sripriya and call me back. In about half an hour he called me back and told me that the actress was OK with it.The next day I arranged a house in Kodambakkam for the bigwig and actress. After everything was over the next day the bigwig called me up. He appeared to be very happy and gave me 50000 in cash. That was the first time in m life I saw such a huge sum of money. After that I have seen innumerable actresses and earned crores of money
Q: Which actresses have co operated with you?Instead of asking which actresses have cooperated with me, you should ask me which actresses haven’t cooperated with me. I have a good relationship with many leading actresses in the film industry.When I came to this industry Sridevi, Ambika, Radha were the leading actresses of the day. After my successful experience with Sripriya, I booked many of these actresses personally for my customers.After them I have booked Meena, Gautami, Kushboo, Heera, Rambha, Simran, Urvasi, Trisha, Nagma, Jyothika....the list goes on. It’s much easier to say which actresses haven’t cooperated with me. Except for a few most have stayed in touch with me. The reason is that if a big shot or a senior bureaucrat wants an actress, I am forced to supply her. For this reason many actresses have come to me just once. Todate, the actress who has come to me the most and been the most pleasant to everyone, to me and the customers has been Kushboo
Q: Are they any television actresses who are in touch with you?
Many. From Bhuvaneshwari to Swarnamalaya many are in regular touch with me. The actress who acted in 'Gangai' serial is a regular customer of mine. k.r.vijaya was a street hooker b4 the 1st movie in katpagam. its k.s.gopalakrishanan ,the director who interduced her in the movie. the movie was a instant hit .and she was no.1 actress in tamil movie industry for a long time during early 60's and 70's.she was known as PUNNAGAI ARASAI(queen of smile).manjula is another bitch who acted with M.G.R and SAVAJI and both had her .finally she got married to vijayakumar,(actor) as a second wife. and b.cos of her,poor fallow had to leave the 1st one with 2 kids.and then the saga begins as they both are the top mafia group with some other shady characters in the tamil movie industry.late night drinkging sessions and then fixing actress for the king pins of politics and movie makers are regular happenings.once manjula's daughter (am not sure who) is a lesbian, who tried to force an actress to the bedroom .the poor girl got out of the house like a bat out of hell.and later,sarathkumar and nagma were living to-gether for few months in her residence.she who arranged this and finally after enjoying her,he chased her to bombay.she and her husband fixed the wedding for sri devi and bonny kapoor .well ...there are lots and lots of thing happened during that time .even they are the one who fix the actors and actress for the new movies and dominating the movie industry down south for a while.

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